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Thomas J. Giarraffa

 Thomas Giarraffa started his photo career when he was just a child. Born and raised in Staten Island, he began shooting when he was accepted into Mark Twain's Gifted and Talented School for Art and Media. Before leaving the school, he left them with a national award and 2 state awards to remember him by, one of which being displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

   In high-school, he continued his passion for visual arts by painting and sculpting. His last year of high-school, he decided he was ready to focus solely on Photography. By the end of highschool, Thomas had received 2 golden keys along with work displayed in shows across the borough. He was later accepted into New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.

   Now with a Bachelors in Photography, Thomas is out in the world making art of all kinds, from surreal environmental portraits to captivating commercial work. His personal works consist of cinematic productions, telling nostalgic tales from stories heard and experienced in his personal past. With show appearances such as FIT’s ViewFinder, Snug Harbor’s The Common Galleries, and Alice Austen Museum’s  2nd Triennial Gala; Deliberate Acts, Thomas continues to show his progression towards being a productive artist in today's world .  


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